April 1st 2017 marks our 23rd Anniversary for New Man’s Karate, and we have some celebrating to do since Mike Harris has tested for his Sho-Dan Black Belt and gets to find out his results! We will have an open Potluck style dinner, entertainment, and demos from some of our top students and instructors! We want to invite YOU to this great event that begins at 6pm! $3 per person, or $10 per family. Ticket comes with one free drawing for a GENUINE Cold Steel Broad Sword valued at $589! More drawing tickets are available before and during the event!



It is time to get your Demo Team on! Tryouts will be exciting – come pumped and ready to rock! Demo Team Practice will be every Friday from now till October from 5 to 6pm for beginners and 5 to 6:30 for intermediate. We look forward to a new demo season with you!




Come train with your best weapons – your brain and your body!  Learn the fundamentals of movement, strikes, blocks, takedowns, joint manipulation, and build a strong foundation for Self Defense in this Adult ONLY class! This is a Self Defense FAST FORWARD class!



Join us for this epic event!

We will travel to Nevada to join in the Front Sight 4 Day Defensive Handgun Class that is world famous for training every student to meet and exceed law enforcement standards! We have seen it for ourselves how efficient they will make your gun handling skills! This is a class that WILL make you a better shot, WILL make you safer with your concealed carry plan, and you WILL leave there glad you went! You can not beat the price – FREE as a Front Sight Life Member (See us to get your membership at a great rate!) Contact Us for more information!




Sign up now! Contact us to get on our list! Class seating limited!

This course is for anyone planning to get a NEW CCW License for the state of California. This class is a great change of pace from your standard CCW class with our emphasis on your CONTINUED training and stretching of your skill at arms. Gain confidence and the added edge you need to be safe out there!

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Next class is now forming… contact us to reserve your spot!

Become comfortable and confident with the safe handling and shooting of hand guns. This is one of the best classes ever devised to take anyone with little or NO EXPERIENCE and give them peace of mind. This class will be taught with the same level of approachable professionalism you have come to expect from New Man’s Karate. This is an engaging class that will teach you the required attitude, defensive mindset and elements of the law required to be a responsible owner of a handgun.  The classroom and range portion of this class will build your confidence in your defensive firearm handling significantly – Guaranteed!

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CCW Skill Builder Class will give you tips and tricks to become more confident with your firearm and allow you to take home some practice drills to use as homework! FREE to all our CCW students! $40 fee non-students and must have experience with NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Class equivalent or better.

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NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home Class

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Next Class to be arranged… Contact us for possible dates! Learn how to protect yourself inside your home with your handgun! This one day class includes 4 hours of classroom time and 4 hours of range time training techniques and tactics that will give you solutions for a life-threatening home invasion or unwelcome violent guest. This class is open to anyone who has taken the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Class, or anyone who has an equivalent basic skill at arms.  Contact Us to reserve your spot for this class, or Click Here for other firearm class offerings.




New Cool Class!

What's Cooler than That!We are now offering classes in Cool, California on Mondays and Fridays from 12-1pm for new White Belt Students at a reduced rate of $70 per month! Home School funding also available through Horizon, Visions, ARCS, and more! Please help us get the word out to folks in Auburn, Georgetown, Greenwood, Pilot Hill, and other areas! We have a good group of kids and adults in this class in the heart of Cool!  Contact us for more information!