Our Instructors

All our instructors have studied and trained for years to qualify as part of the New Man’s Karate Team, and are trained to offer the highest quality professional instruction. Our instructors are required to continue training and development of their own skills. Every member of our instructor team is approachable, caring, and possesses a true love for teaching martial arts. Their primary goal is to assist you in being the best you can be. After taking just a few lessons, you will see why New Man’s Karate has been able to develop such high quality students since 1994.


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Our Chief Instructor;

Scott Newman (who in our school is addressed by the title of Shihan) began his training in the summer of 1984 and received his Black Belt under Professor Michael M. Foley in 1993. Shihan Newman opened New Man’s Karate in April of 1994. In 2003, he married his soul mate Laura, and they have four beautiful children, three of which are students, with the newest edition waiting to be old enough for the Tiny Tot class. Shihan Newman is currently the highest rank under Professor Foley at Fifth Degree Black Belt. He is also ranked the same by the American Jujitsu Institute (AJI) and in Serrada Escrima under Master Instructor Edward Bansuelo a Third Degree. He trained with the late Thomas “Tim” Deen (1944-2004) and also traveled to various places such as Japan and numerous seminars and instructors over the years to further study the Martial Arts. Shihan Newman continues the development of Koden Kan Combined Martial Arts and endeavors to refine its ever expanding curriculum. His diligent training and time invested in teaching others continues to pay off through the quality of students that are now the next generation of Martial Artists. Shihan Newman believes God is his boss, and put him in business to make Jesus known to others through the Martial Arts. As a born again Christian and believer that God wants to reveal Himself to everyone through the Bible, Shihan Newman is not ashamed to share his faith with the students or parents who show interest.



Mike Harris (Ik Kyu)

Mike Harris (addressed as Ik Kyu Mike in the school) wears many hats as a school principle for two charter schools in the area, an avid family man committed to investing in his grown children lives, and an accomplished student of the martial arts. He is an outstanding instructor who is quick to innovate his curriculum to fit those who look to him for guidance. Ik Kyu Mike is a great problem solver and has participated greatly in making our school run smooth over the years.




Katlin Boas (Sho Dan 1st Degree Black Belt)

Katlin (addressed as Sensei Katlin in the school) is an individual committed to excellence, and it shows in her martial art training and how serious she takes with her time instructing others. She is a perfectionist who demands a lot of effort from herself and others. This tenacity has paid off through her development of pinpoint accurate technique and fluid, powerful movement that requires a tremendous sense of self control. As a Black Belt, she is a poster child for what we strive for in regard to Black Belt excellence!




Ben Jeffrey (Ik Kyu)

Ben Jeffrey began studying Koden Kan Martial Arts in 2001 at the age of 12. He began helping out with classes about one year into his training as a blue belt. In 2005 he began teaching the tiny tots. (This is the most difficult test for any instructor!) Ben is a gentle, kindhearted individual – yet you wouldn’t want to get in the way of one of his strikes! Ben is a positive example for other young men in life and faith. He leads a Bible Study and helps with many youth activities at his church. Ben spent time in the Army and after returning from a tour in Afghanistan, married the love of his life and best friend Morgan (also an instructor at our school). Ik Kyu Ben’s first Army Mixed Martial Art Tournament was a huge success as he was the unknown of his fellow 30 competitors in his Cruiserweight class. He managed become the crowd favorite and pull a second place; losing only by points in his last bout. Ben has a great love for the martial arts and plans on running his own karate school in the future along side his wife and two children. As for now, he is in training for his First Degree Black Belt (Sho Dan).




Morgan Jeffrey (Sho Dan 1st Degree Black Belt)

Morgan (addressed as Sensei Morgan in the school) is wife of Ik Kyu Ben and is an incredible instructor able to teach the smallest of Tiny Tots in our Tiny Tot class, and a moment later switch gears to instruct adults commanding the utmost respect by her no-nonsense professional demeanor. Sensei Morgan is an encouraging leader who likes to get things done and see her students excel. She began martial arts very young as one of our Tiny Tots at 6years old. After a break, she came back as a teenager and shot off in her skills like a rocket. She is tenacious and has an amazingly positive attitude that is infectious. Sensei Morgan is very talented with instructing all ages, and can currently be found teaching the Tiny Tots Class for Shihan Newman twice a week.




Rory Daugherty (Ni Kyu)

Ni Kyu Rory is one of our youngest Instructors, yet he is a hard working and intensely focused individual who is good at working with students of all ages. He is a respectful and serious minded instructor who is always looking for ways to better his students. Ni Kyu Rory was captain of the NMK Demo Team for 2014, always giving good input and creative ideas to the mix. He stands as a good example to our youth of how earnestness, hard work and commitment can achieve great things at such a young age. He is underway preparing for his Ik Kyu (apprentice Black Belt), which is a huge undertaking at our school.



Jordan Boas (Ni Kyu)

Ni Kyu Jordan is a fun loving, extremely talented Marine who served our country well while taking a hiatus from the martial arts. He came back for a while to save up to finish college, and now he is working full time at college for graphic design. Jordan is naturally inclined to excel in the digital world and already is a very skilled graphic designer, tech guy, and good at about anything he does. Ni Kyu Jordan is selfless and eager to help anytime there is a need – whether in classes as an Instructor, or any time Shihan Newman has a silly question that any computer literate person should know. We are hoping when school is out Ni Kyu Jordan will be able to join in again bringing his good humor, wit and hard working determination our way!


We have a great crew of talented and hard working Instructors that are committed to martial art Black Belt Excellence – we hope you have an opportunity to work with these fine individuals.