Koden Kan Combined Martial Arts

New Man’s Karate teaches a style called Koden Kan Combined Martial Arts, formerly known as Koden Kan Karate Do (which interpreted from Japanese means “The school in which the senior teaches the junior in the way of the empty hand”). Our system is comprised of several individual martial art styles combined to make an effective, eclectic, and well-rounded modern mixed martial arts program, yet taught in a traditional manner. Some of the specific martial art disciplines incorporated in our system of training are: Kyokushinkai Karate, Shotokan Karate, Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Jujitsu, Kenpo Chu’an Fa, Mui Tai Kickboxing, Western Boxing, Chow Le Fut Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Serrada Escrima, U.S. Military Hand to Hand, and the list continues. The multi-faceted nature of this art allows its practitioners to adapt and adjust to any type of attacker in any situation they may encounter. With our unique blend of Martial Arts and practical Self-Defense system, many of our students have gone on to very successful careers in law enforcement, military, and business. These same students come back time and again to give credit to their training in the martial arts for their success and safety in the field. We believe their success is a blessing from God working on their behalf through their hard work and dedicated training.


Hand To Hand Combat

We also teach a streamlined Adult Self Defense variation of our style which we call Hand To Hand Combat. This style of training borrows a number of easily learned, effective Self Defense Combatives in our system and condenses it into a 4-month course for each of the four (4) Levels of instruction. This is perfect for the adult who could possibly use their skills “same day”, and not take years of training to perfect; such as military recruits, those soon leaving for far away colleges, or anyone who would like to shore up their personal self defense plan.

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Women’s Self Defense

Many of these same principals are taught to those attending our Women’s Self Defense Seminars. Although geared toward Women, our system of martial art is perfect for giving individuals that edge and confidence through effective, no-nonsense self defense tactics. You can gain true confidence through actual skills attained, not just “concepts” that can be forgotten in time of critical need. The skills you gain could save your life or the life of your loved ones.

Sight Alignment

Firearms Training

Recently added to our curriculum are some great NRA certified courses too! For new students of handguns, we offer the NRA Basic Pistol Course. For intermediate level students; NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home course. Soon we will add to the line up the NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home course, and a non-NRA CCW class for residents of El Dorado County.

With the diverse variety of material in ONE system of Martial Art, there is something for EVERYONE here at New Man’s Karate!