Martial Arts excellence since 1994!

New Man's Karate is here to serve you with one of the most innovative and practical martial art systems that is around today. Whether you aspire to develop a strong self defense plan, or would simply like to be involved in a fun fitness regimen, we can help!

  • Great Job you guys!! The website looks AWESOME!!! Love the pics!! Very useful info and easy to navigate....much Love, (1Cor13:4) ~P
  • Nothing in life is easy... so let's do the hardest thing we can possibly accomplish... together! ~New Man's Karate Instructor Team
  • We love New Man's Karate so much I can't express it with words. Thank you for giving (our boy) his first accomplishment that means something in life. Again, it means the world to me and I know it means a lot to him also! ~D
  • Where else can I take my child and know that he is surrounded by good influences that will help mold and shape him for life? Thank you Shihan for what you are doing! ~L
  • Great for kids, Scott will not only teach them how to defend themselves but also how to respect others and how to use Martial Arts in the right way. ~S
  • Wow, I cant believe you have been in business for over 20 years! I remember when you started...the place is looking great! ~M
  • We travel from far away to go to classes twice every week because there is no other school like this in this area. We love it! ~D
  • My son has been training at New Man's for 3 years. He started in the Tiny Tot program which is an excellent introduction to karate for young kids. The training is age-appropriate. I highly recommend this experience. ~V
  • We are so glad we found New Man's Karate in Placerville. Scott is excellent with kids and new students. ~C
  • NMK is the best martial art studio I have ever trained in, and I've trained at a few. They don't just teach you how to fight and defend yourself with the best effectiveness in skill and techniques but you learn respect and honor for the sport and others. ~S
  • The Dojo is family friendly and at the same time teaches powerful techniques to fight and defend yourself. We have a 7 & 8 year old; This is great for building strength and confidence. ~C
  • If you are interested in Martial Arts, I definitely recommend NMK! The Dojo has great instructors & great students. There are social events for families that add to the feeling of belonging to the New Man's community. ~V
  • My wife got her Black Belt at another school out of state and she is very impressed with the things (our children) are learning so quickly. ~C